Ticket Calendar

Plan Ahead and Save

Plan-Ahead Pricing gives you the opportunity to plan a zoo visit that matches your budget and schedule.

Ticket prices may increase daily, and the price will never be lower for a particular day than is currently listed. Get the best price for your visit when you purchase your tickets early!

Please note that due to potential avian influenza risk, birds are temporarily off exhibit. 
The zoo will close early at 3 pm on June 15.


Plan-Ahead Pricing FAQs

What is Plan-Ahead Pricing?

Plan-Ahead Pricing is a pricing structure that provides visitors more options to accommodate both their budget and schedule. By buying your tickets at least a day in advance of your visit you can save money. The earlier you buy, the more you save.

With this pricing structure, the Sacramento Zoo will become more accessible to many audiences and advance its mission to inspire appreciation, respect and a connection with wildlife and nature through education, recreation, and conservation.


Why do prices change every day?

Plan-Ahead Pricing means that different days and times have different prices based on several factors, including capacity, seasonality, and how many people are interested in that time. In general, prices for periods with higher estimated attendance will be reflected in a higher price. This allows us to more evenly spread-out visitors and help provide a consistent and positive guest experience.


How does Plan-Ahead Pricing work?

The Sacramento Zoo’s pricing calendar lists the price for today as well as advance dates. Guests are encouraged to explore the calendar to find a day that fits both their schedule and their budget. Click the date you want to visit to purchase the tickets for that date. Please note that prices may change daily, so you must lock in the price by purchasing your ticket online. If you run into technical difficulties, call Member and Visitor Services at (916) 808-5888.

How is the cost of admission determined?

Plan-Ahead Pricing is the result of more than a year of research and collaboration with expert economists who studied our institution and community. Ticket prices fluctuate based on several factors including weather, day of week, holidays, local events, and attendance patterns.


How far ahead do I need to purchase tickets?

Purchasing a ticket online in advance offers the lowest possible price for the date selected to visit. To view a calendar of current ticket prices, please visit the pricing calendar page on our website.


If I buy today, is it possible for the price to go down tomorrow?

No, but the price may increase over time, so it is always best to buy your ticket in advance. Purchasing even one day in advance of your visit will guarantee a lower price than you would pay at the admissions gate. The price will never be lower for a particular day than is currently listed. Buy early to save!


Does Plan-Ahead Pricing impact membership rates?

No, membership rates are not affected by Plan-Ahead Pricing. Membership rates will remain static regardless of changes to the daily admission rates.


I’m not able to come on my reservation date. Can I reschedule my tickets?

If you need to reschedule your ticket, call Member and Visitor Services at (916) 808-5888 by 4:30 pm on the day of your original visit. If your new date is more expensive than your original ticket, you will be required to pay the difference.